Feeding your Dogo Argentino Puppy

Dogo Argentino’s are considered large breed dogs. This breed, like many other large breed dogs, grow rapidly over the first year of their life. Rapid growth in their bone structure can lead to the development of skeletal problems such as hip dysplasia. Overfeeding your dog can also lead to the development of hip dysplasia and other skeletal disorders. Veterinarians recommend feeding your dog a large breed puppy food up to the age of 2 years to minimize these risks.

Many Dogo Argentino owners and breeders advocate feeding raw. This is a personal choice that you should make after discussing risks and benefits with your vet. We feed our dogs raw meat for treats, and kibble for their meals.

You can search the internet and there are many personal opinions on which dog food is best; however, this often involves trial and error. You may have a high quality food that your dog just won’t eat. Alternatively, your dog may be eating a brand for months and then won’t eat it. We had this experience with Taste of the Wild, Diamond, and Purina Pro Plan. We didn’t notice any difference in the appearance of the Taste of the Wild or Diamond kibble, our dogs just wouldn’t eat it after a few months. We did notice that two months in a row, the appearance of the Purina Pro Plan kibble had changed and our dogs got to the point they would not eat it. There are a variety of reasons a dog may stop eating a particular brand of dog food, and in our case it may have simply been that we devalued the kibble by giving them too many treats.

There are many options on the market that are high quality. We have fed our Dogo’s Taste of the Wild, Purina Pro Plan, Victor, and Eukanuba. We currently feed the Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy kibble. Your vet is a good resource for food recommendations. Dog food advisor is another source you can use to compare brands. See link below.