Ear Cropping

Ear Cropping is a personal decision for each Dogo Owner. Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez ‘s original breed standard for the DOGO Argentino was that they must have cropped ears. The Dogo Argentino was designed to hunt large game and cropped ears prevented prey from grabbing and biting them. As more people select Dogo Argentino’s for family companions and guardians, some choose not to crop the ears. We crop our males ears and leave our females with their natural ears.

If you intend to compete in dog shows, or hunt with your Dogo, especially large game such as wild boar, you will probably want to have the ears cropped. The breed standards for AKC/ UKC accept natural or cropped ears.

Show Crop
Natural Ears
Ear crop recovery. Cropping your dogs ear requires diligent care during the first 2 weeks to ensure wound healing along the suture lines and infection is monitored for and prevented.
Ears will be posted and taped for 2-3 weeks or longer depending on the type of crop you choose.

EarTrim.com Houston does an excellent job of cropping, and they offer stand insurance which I highly advise. Follow the link below to check out their work. http://www.eartrim.com/index.html